Reading a MarketSight Crosstab

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The crosstab below has been created using MarketSight. It is read as follows:

  • The first row indicates the total sample size for each column. Where there is missing data a smaller number will appear in the Valid Cases row.
  • The Total Mentions row shows the total number of times each of the brands shown in the rows of the table were selected. Thus, we can see that the 498 people in the total sample (Total) selected 1,786 options (i.e., an average of 3.6 brands were mentioned by each respondent). Note that this row is only applicable to a Multiple Response question.
  • Looking at the cell in the One-Tel row for the 20-24 yrs column, it is read as follows:
    • 15 people aged 20 to 24 mentioned One-Tel.
    • 32% of people aged 20 to 24 mentioned One-Tel (i.e., 15 / 47).
    • 8% of all mentions by people aged 20 to 24 years were of One-Tel (i.e., 15 / 188).
    • The 32% figure is not significantly different to the % Valid Cases of the other brands.
  • Where a cell is shaded in blue this means that the % Valid Cases is significantly different to that of one of the other age categories. If you hover your mouse over the cell (in MarketSight) a description is shown. For example, for One-Tel and 25-29 yrs the message says There is a significant difference between this cell and the following: 45-54 yrs.