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Once the basic question wording has been finalized it needs have instructions added so that the person who has to program the questionnaire in the data collection software can ensure that it works as intended. By tradition these instructions are entered in CAPITALS, italics or another color. In addition to the instructions sometimes people enter specific values for each of the options. In the example below a Student is represented by a 1; this information is used to determine how the categories are represented in the resulting data file.


        To make sure we have a cross section of people in this study, we need to know your work status.
        Which of these best describes your ''work status''?  SINGLE RESPONSE         
	Student	                1	GO TO Q4
	Homemaker	        2	GO TO Q4
	Retired	                3	GO TO Q4
	Not working	        4	GO TO Q4
	Part-time worker	5	GO TO Q4
	Full-time worker	6	
	Don’t know/refused	7	END SURVEY