How to Change the Name of a Question or Variable

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Commonly data files will either refer to questions by their question number (for example, a question showing age data may be referred to as #q43, or some of the wording is shown but it is either messy or truncated (e.g., "Please rate your satisf</tt>). In most programs it is a straightforward process for modifying these names.

SPSS If it is a single response question go to the Variable View and change the Label field. If it is a multiple response question and you have the Custom Tables module then select Analyze > Tables > Multiple Response Sets > click on the relevant alternative in Mult. Response Sets and modify the Set Label.
Q Go to the Variables and Questions tab and modify the contents of the Question column.
R names(dataFrameName)[index] = 'new name' where index is the position of the variable in the data.frame.
DataCracker Home > Data Selection > Rename

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