How to Change the Label of a Category of a Question

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The following table, from SPSS, shows a quite common problem, where numbers appear instead of descriptions for some of the categories in the table. The key challenge that this usually presents is working out what the numbers really mean; there is usually no way of working this out directly from the data (i.e., you need to ask whoever created the data file). Once this is known it is usually quite straightforward to fix the problem.


SPSS In the Variable View find the variable that corresponds to the question you are looking at, click on its Values, press the ... button, enter the value without a label into the Value field, enter the label in the Label field, press Add and press OK.
Q Right-click on the category and select Rename.
R levels(variableName)[index] = 'New label' where index is the position of the category in the table (e.g., if it is in the fourth row of the table, a 4 is the index).
DataCracker Click on the category and select Data Manipulation > Rows/Columns > Rename.

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