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There is a large variety of online services for survey design and deployment. Prices range from free to thousands of dollars for a yearly subscription. Generally, more expensive packages allow for greater levels of customization with regard to survey design, improved features for obtaining respondents, and more flexible output options.

Comparison table of services

The table below presents some of the services that offer online survey creation and deployment. For analysis, the most important factor is the availability of an appropriate data file. SPSS data files are usually the best of the file types available in the cheaper data collection programs as they contain metadata that allows software to interpret the meaning of the data. CSV and other spreadsheet formats require more work to set up data in analysis software packages. Companies marked with an "N/A" for data files either:

  1. Don't supply SPSS data files
  2. Did not have data files available to inspect for quality

If you wish to suggest improvements/changes to the table below please provide some detail and a contact email in the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Company Cheapest Package Cheapest package with complete data export Interesting Features
SurveyMonkey Basic - Free Gold - $300/year
  • SPSS data files
  • Unlimited responses
  • Surveys deployed by email, website link, Facebook, Twitter
  • Export reports to Microsoft Office and online
  • Word Clouds
  • Question randomization
Survey Gizmo SG Lite - Free Survey Gizmo - $810/year
  • SPSS data files
  • Unlimited responses
  • Surveys deployed by email, website link, Facebook, Twitter
  • Online and PDF reports
  • TURF reports
  • Customized/branded reports
QuestionPro Free Corporate - $1008/year
  • SPSS data files
  • Surveys deployed by email, website link, Facebook, Twitter
  • Online, PowerPoint, Excel reports
  • Support for multimedia in surveys
  • Integration with third-party panel/sample providers
Qualtrics Free account Research Suite - N/A
  • SPSS data files
  • Unlimited surveys and responses
  • Create detailed online reports
  • Panel management
Snap Surveys N/A Single PC Installation with hosting - $1,995 + $395/year
  • Up to 5000 responses
  • SPSS data files
  • Design and analyze surveys from desktop software
  • Include multimedia in surveys
  • Produce paper version of survey, allows for manual data entry
  • Purchase panels from Snap
Toluna QuickSurveys Free NA
  • No subscription fee, pay to recruit respondents
  • Smartphone-friendly surveys
Super Simple Survey The Basic - Free NA
  • Intuitive survey building
  • Smartphone-friendly
  • Multiple users per account
  • No limit on accessibility of features



  • iOS app for collecting responses
Obsurvey Free N/A
  • Completely free survey creation and hosting
Wufoo Free N/A
  • Simple service for building online forms
  • Multiple users per account
  • Wide range of templates and themes
Insightify Free N/A
Survey Crafter $495 for a single license N/A
  • Desktop survey-creation tool
  • Basic analyses include summary data and cross-tabulation

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