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An analysis plan is a list of all the analyses that need to be conducted when reporting a study.

Common things that are usually listed in an analysis plan

  1. Any particular steps required for data preparation, such as new variables to create, NETs and weighting.
  2. The key sub-groups that should be used when exploring the answers to all the questions (e.g., age, gender, heavy vs light buyers).
  3. Specific analysis that are required (e.g., specific hypotheses to be tested).


The following analysis plan is for a simple Concept Test:

  • Create a top two box NET on the purchase intent question.
  • Compare the top two box score with top two box scores from similar studies.
  • Conduct a Segmentation using the attitude questions.
  • Compare top two box scores by segment.
  • Code the score's reasons for liking and disliking the product using the same code frame.
  • Crosstab all the questions by:
    • Age: Under 30; 30 to 49; 50+
    • Gender: Male, Female
    • Income: Under $100,000; $100,000 and above

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